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Different Types of Topical CBD and Their Benefits

Types of Topical CBD and Their Benefits - Coastal Hemp Co

CBD is a huge topic of conversation these days, and it seems to be getting even more popular by the day. With it’s every growing popularity has come new and inventive ways to use CBD to reduce anxiety, improve sleep, and even manage chronic pain and inflammation. One of the more popular ways to use CBD is topically in lotions, salves, and balms. However, there is some debate surrounding whether or not topical CBD products actually work.

In this article, we will be discussing how and why topical CBD works as well as our favorite topical CBD products for sale. For more in depth information on what CBD is and how it works within the body, check out a previous post on the topic here

What is Topical CBD?

Topical CBD is fairly simple, it is essentially a concentration of cannabidiol (CBD) placed in a lotion, salve, cream, or balm that is meant to treat pain and inflammation in a targeted area of the body, such as the joints. Many people turn to topical CBD products to help manage pain and inflammation due to injury or arthritis. CBD may also be helpful for soothing skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema.

Types of Topical CBD:

  • CBD Balm
  • CBD Salve
  • CBD Lotion

How Does Topical CBD Work?

One of the most common, tried-and-true ways to consume CBD is sublingually through a tincture. This method of ingesting CBD delivers the cannabis compound into the bloodstream quickly for relatively fast results. While topical cannabidiol such as a CBD balm contains CBD, it does not work exactly the same as a tincture might; it is not meant to enter the bloodstream. Instead, it gets to work addressing more external issues

When a CBD balm, salve, or lotion is applied to the skin it works with the cannabinoid receptors found in the skin by entering the epidermis. These cannabinoid receptors are part of the larger endocannabinoid system which help regulate pain and inflammation, among other things. CBD interacts within this system by calming the receptors to soothe pain and reduce inflammation in the areas in which it is applied.

Alternative to ingesting CBD, using CBD topically will only be beneficial to the areas it is directly applied to as it is not able to fully penetrate the skin and therefore cannot reach the bloodstream. Because topical CBD has a lower bioavailability than a CBD tincture, it is generally better to opt for a higher concentration of CBD to ensure you are able to feel its full benefits.

Here Are Our Favorite Topical CBD Products:

As with most CBD products, finding the right topical CBD balm or lotion can be difficult. Here are our favorite topical CBD products for sale.:

Source CBD Balm

Available in two concentrations, 500 mg or 1000 mg, this is a great option if you are suffering from dry skin or a skin condition such as psoriasis or eczema. This CBD Balm uses organically grown hemp and lipid based oils to improve absorption into the skin. Plus, it has an added benefit of lavender and eucalyptus wonderful aromatic and therapeutic properties.

Get it here starting at $49.00

Sunny Skies CBD Moisturizing Cream

Another favorite from Sunny Skies, this CBD cream is great for all over the body, including the face. It contains 1,500 mg of CBD and is wonderfully scented with lavender and cedarwood. It is rich in cbd, antioxidants, vitamins, and fatty acids, this cbd moisturizing pain cream works to deeply hydrate the skin while also fighting pain and inflammation.

Get it here for $89.99

Coastal Hemp proudly sources CBD topicals, tinctures, edibles, soft gels, and more for the most trusted sources. Shop all CBD products for sale to help you feel your best.


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