Binoid THC-H Vape Cartridge 1G


THC-H is a hemp-derived compound with intense effects similar to Delta-9 THC, THC-O, and HHC-O. The effects are slow in developing (5-10 minutes), so be careful when consuming to make sure you understand how the intensity of THC-H affects you. If you’re looking for an experience with a next-level buzz, give this Diamond OG THC-H vape cartridge a try!

Available Strain Flavors

Birthday CakeBinoid Birthday Cake THC-H vape cartridges are a balanced Hybrid with calming/uplifting cerebral effects and physical body relaxation.

Death StarBinoid Death Star THC-H vape cartridges are a potent Indica strain that’ll kick-start your end-of-day path toward relaxation and deep slumber. 

Sour TsunamiBinoid Sour Tsunami THC-H vape cartridges are a typical Sativa strain that typically produces a sense of happiness, mood uplift, creativity, and more. 


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