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D9 THCO 3 Gram Caviar Blunt


The mega smoking experience boasts a total of 3 grams;  2 grams of premium flower, ½ gram of live resin oil, and ½ gram of triple-sifted golden kief. Infused with the potent blend of Delta 9 O.  Hand-packed and finished with a spiral filter for a smooth, even burn, heavy hits, and long-lasting euphoria. These blunts are perfect for a chill afternoon or evening; wind down with Urb to get your mind and body right.  

Four servings per blunt.

Mango Kush (Hybrid) - Mango Kush’s tropical sweetness paired with ripe mango creates the best island infusion.

Sour Joker (Sativa) - Sour Joker will light up your senses with a strong diesel punch balanced with a dash of honey goodness.

Blue Watermelon (Indica)-

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