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Delta 8 THC Moon Rocks 4 gram


What happens when you dunk CBD flower into Delta-8 distillate and roll it in light, fluffy CBD kief? It's not a riddle. It's Hometown Hero's Delta-8 Moon Rocks, and they're...out of this world (pun intended).

Moon Rocks, floral ingenuity for cannabis connoisseurs

It begins with a CBD flower…that gets fully submerged in Delta-8 distillate. And then? This floret, oozing with THC, is dipped in fluffy CBD kief and dried to optimal moisture content.

The champagne of Delta-8 flower? Of course. The turducken of cannabis? That too. But the only way to understand the allure of this botanical delicacy is to spark it up yourself.

Delta-8 flower enhanced with extra CBD and terpenes

Ever notice those tiny crystals on hemp? Those are trichomes. When clumped together, they form kief, which is packed with cannabidiol (CBD) and terpenes.

Some may find that this high concentration of CBD and terpenes paired with Delta-8 may offer a pleasantly "augmented" experience. But keep in mind that effects may vary.

Crumble, sprinkle, spark, and enjoy

You can smoke Moon Rocks alone in your favorite pipe. But many enthusiasts find these piney morsels are the perfect topping for CBD or Delta-8 flower.

Just remember to start slow and ensure your schedule is open for the rest of the day. Because once these Moon Rocks are lit, it's time for lift-off (last pun).

Included / Specs
  • 1x Delta-8 THC Moon Rocks (4g)
  • 800 mg of Delta-8 THC per package
  • 200 mg of Delta-8 per gram
  • Enhanced with CBD and terpenes


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