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Delta-9 Live Rosin Taffy Red Cinnamon Swirl (Limited Edition)


Delta-9 Red Cinnamon Swirl (Limited Release)  

Warm up with the sweet, woody, fiery kick of cinnamon swirled into artisanal saltwater taffies. Each confection in this 10-count bag is infused with 15mg Delta-9 THC from hemp and a dash of freshly pressed live rosin.

The delightful kick of cinnamon to chew or let melt in your mouth.  

Native to India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Myanmar, the dried aromatic bark of the
genus Cinnamomum is a spice that's been embraced since the days of remote antiquity.

But now you get to enjoy this warm, pronounced flavor in soft, handmade taffies to
enjoy as any other edible, or let melt in your mouth for a sublingual effect.

Live rosin, the king of concentrates. 

In short, live rosin is the true essence of cannabis captured in a rich, golden sap that
comes pressed from bubble hash made with freshly harvested hemp.

Because Hometown Hero foregoes the curing process, the "live profile" of the plan is preserved, offering the potential to deliver exquisite remarkable synergy with Delta-9 THC.

15mg THC infused for flavor, consistency, and effect.

There are several ways you can make cannabis edibles, but they took the infusion route for these taffies. But what's so special about infusion, you may ask?

This technique lets the hemp-derived THC "meld" into the edible, which helps offer a
more even distribution of the cannabinoid while helping reduce any grassy aftertaste.
You're welcome.

Included / Specs

  • 10x Red Cinnamon Swirl Salt Water Taffies
  • 15mg of hemp-derived Delta-9 THC per piece
  • 2.5mg hybrid live rosin per piece
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