Mango Madness HHC + HHC-O Gummies


New HHC Edibles

The Mango Madness HHC + HHC-O Gummies are made using a unique blend of cannabinoids. This combination of HHC and HHC-O creates a different type of experience due to the enhanced potency of each cannabinoid. Also, HHC-O tends to be more potent than regular HHC because of the additional extraction properties that lock in more potency.

These gummies have a fantastic flavor of mango candy. However, you will want to pace yourself because each bag has an approximate blend of 150mg of HHC and HHC-O. This means that the combination of sweet mango along with the addition of HHC + HHC-O makes these gummies hard to resist.

What is HHC O

  • What is HHC-O?
    HHC-O-acetate is a very new cannabinoid to hit the hemp market, and because of this, you may have never even heard of it before. HHC-O is the acetate version of HHC, a naturally occurring cannabinoid that acts as the hydrogenated form of THC, being chemically stable thanks to its hydrogen enhancement, well-known for its similarities to delta-9 THC. 
    HHC-O takes naturally occurring HHC and applies acetic anhydride to the compound in the same way THC-O is created. What this does is boost the cannabinoid’s potency by about 1.5x.
    The reason for this enhanced potency is simple. It makes the cannabinoid even more similar to delta-9 THC since hexahydrocannabinol is milder. This essentially enhances the high to give users what they’re looking for.

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