Strava Coffee

Medium Roast CBD Coffee - 10 mg Per Serving



Sträva's classic medium roast Colombian is a celebration of what makes specialty coffee so special… a well rounded, flavorful and balanced coffee with subtle, enticing tasting notes of milk chocolate and black cherry. Paired with healthy, broad-spectrum CBD, this Regular Strength option, with 10mg CBD per serving, goes beyond great taste to deliver a healthy and satisfying coffee that helps you start your day feeling your best.

Regular Strength, with 10mg CBD/Serving, is the perfect starting point for those seeking more of the therapeutic benefits of CBD.

Available in K-Cups or 12 oz Ground Bags. Each 12oz bag makes 25 servings of coffee.

Key Benefits:

  • CBD works with your body's endocannabinoid system to naturally promote homeostasis and overall physical and mental well-being.
  • In addition to great taste, common benefits may include: feeling calm and less anxious, feeling improved mood & outlook, and feeling less discomfort from achy muscles and joints.
  • Including CBD coffee in your daily routine can help you wake up and feel great; it's a perfect way to compliment your natural wellness routine.

Tasting Notes & Ingredients:

Sträva's medium roast colombian coffee is balanced and smooth and features tasting notes of milk chocolate and black cherry. Ingredients: 100% Specialty Grade Colombian Arabica Coffee, Organic Broad-Spectrum Hemp Extract.

Lab Results:

Sträva CBD coffee products are verified by independent labs and tested to be free from heavy metals, pesticides and mycotoxins. Additionally, each product master batch undergoes potency testing for cannabinoid content to ensure every product delivers consistent and accurate CBD content. 



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