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THC Infinity Disposable 2 Gram Pen

$32.00 $39.00

Experience the Infinity blend, a boosted blend of cannabinoids curated by industry-leading experts and formulated to perfection.

Featuring Oleo-resin, Delta 8, THCO, THCP, THC-JD, and THC-H. Try the Infinity cartridge today and experience infinite possibilities.

Available Flavors:

  • Strawberry Cereal (Indica) -  a mashup of sweet, fruity strawberry and a hint of vanilla.
  • Purple Punch (Indica) -  a "punchy," delightful grape swirl with hints of plum and blueberry.
  • Tropical Mango (Sativa) -  a luscious blend of mouthwatering mango and hints of fruit that reminds you of tropical vibes.
  • Orangeade (Sativa) - A very orange citrusy, candy-like and sweet strain with a bit of pineapple. New 3G Pen

What is Live Resin?

You can think about live resin like you might think about cold-pressed juice: it is processed without exposure to heat to allow for all of the naturally occurring compounds, such as terpenes, in the plant to remain intact. This leads to a better flavor and potentially a higher therapeutic effect due to what's known as the "entourage effect," which we will dive into more deeply a little later in this article.

Want to Learn More about Live Resin? Read our Blog - Live Resin What's the Buzz

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