Delta Extrax

Torch Diamond Extrax Disposable 2.2G


This disposable is part of a collaboration where we included our delicious terpenes and THC-O + THCP cannabinoids into a sleek and discreet device. You can expect great flavors from the Oleoresin and an experience like none other.

Champagne Breath is like a glass of fine bubbly. The flavor of this Sativa strain includes a champagne-like aroma reminiscent of a floral taste mixed with sweet pear. This pleasant flavor, combined with the uplifting head high, will have you feeling like you’re dining on cloud-9.

The Laughing Gas is no joke when it comes to potency! This Hybrid strain has a sweet citrus flavor along with a diesel-like taste. You can expect a pine, herbal aroma, along with a well-balanced focus. We recommend taking it easy, streaming your favorite comedy, and enjoying some Laughing Gas if you could use a good laugh.

Additional Product Information

  • Rechargeable
  • NOT Refillable
  • 2.2ml | 2200 mg
  • Pre-Heat Function
    • Click 5 times to turn on
    • Click 2 times to pre-heat
  • Proprietary Ceramic Coil Technology
  • USB C charger cable NOT included

Device Instructions

  • Remove mouth guard
  • Click the button 5 times to turn on
  • Click the button 2 times to pre-heat
  • Hold the button when taking a puff

Ingredients: Oleoresin, THC-O, THC-P


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