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Urb THCO Caviar Flower | Distillate + Kief


Urb THCO Caviar flower is made with premium hand-trimmed CBG flower infused with THCO distillate and minor cannabinoids. Urb Caviar flower has a total of 7 grams per jar of THCO Flower.

Available in Three Flavors:

  • Limon Lights
  • Bubble Punch
  • Twisted Girl Scout

What is THC-O?

THC-O is a synthetic cannabinoid that is about 3 times stronger than Delta 8, and about 5 times stronger than Delta 8 or 10. Although this cannabinoid does take a little longer for its effects to kick in, when they do you can expect to feel a very euphoric feeling and possibly even a slight psychedelic effect.

Curious about THC-O and other cannabinoids? Learn more here

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