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CBD For Seniors: The Top 7 Benefits of CBD for Aging Adults

CBD For Seniors: The Top 7 Benefits of CBD for Aging Adults - Coastal Hemp Co

The Best CBD For Seniors

As we have discussed in previous articles, CBD is one of the active compounds that can be found in the Cannabis Sativa plant, or hemp. It is thought to work within the endocannabinoid system which is a series of receptors within the body that regulate functions such as sleep, appetite, mood, sleep, as well as pain and inflammation. CBD attaches to the CB1 and CB2 receptors in the cells throughout your body. CBD works to stimulate these receptors which helps to reduce pain and inflammation, which in turn helps to manage associated ailments.

In our society, we mostly think of CBD being something that the younger population consumes. However, CBD has many positive effects that could directly benefit our older population. From managing pain to improving heart health, here are 7 ways CBD is beneficial for seniors.


Knee Pain


1. Help Manage Pain

It is commonly known that CBD may have incredible benefits for pain relief, especially when it is chronic pain you’re dealing with. The older we get, the more aches and pains we experience. Studies have shown that CBD can reduce inflammation and promote relaxation throughout the body which helps to reduce pain with minimal side effects.

Types of pain CBD is thought to help with:

  • Chronic pain
  • Joint pain
  • Arthritis
  • Inflammation
  • Muscle Soreness

The best CBD for pain

Studies have shown that when dealing with pain in specific areas of the body, such as joint pain, topical CBD lotions and balms may be best at providing the most targeted treatment. However, if you are experiencing inflammation or pain throughout the body, a tincture or soft gel may be the best option for you!


2. Promotes Bone Health

As we age, our bones tend to thin out and become brittle. This is why many older adults deal with issues such as osteoporosis. Keeping our bones strong and healthy as we age is extremely beneficial at preventing painful breaks and fractures that are commonly associated with falls amongst the older population.

Since CBD works in our body on a cellular level, it may be able to promote cellular repair to strengthen and protect our bones over time. A study conducted by the CDC actually showed that CBD aids in healing fractures and aging bones.

The best CBD for Bone Health

CBD soft gels, tinctures, or edibles may be best for promoting overall bone health within the body.


Peaceful Sleep


3. Aides in Sleep

Another one of the most widely accepted benefits of CBD is its ability to calm the body, promoting relaxation, stress relief, as well as reducing anxiety. A huge side effect of this overall calming effect is a better night’s sleep. As we age, the amount of sleep we get each night tends to dwindle. However, sleep plays a vital role in our overall health no matter our age. Sleep is the time when we have the most cellular and our body flushes out toxins from the day, making a good night’s rest vital for aging individuals’ health and wellness. 

The Best CBD for Sleep

While any method of CBD is helpful to promoting a good night’s sleep, we love these Soft Gels with Melatonin. You get the calming effect from CBD, along with sleep inducing Melatonin. A win win in our eyes!


4. Anxiety and Depression

As we mentioned above, CBD has an overall calming effect on this body which can lead to a reduction in anxiety and depression in many individuals. Studies have shown that CBD’s calming effects within the body work to reduce anxiety and depression. One study conducted showed that while CBD does not directly increase serotonin levels, it does assist in creasing the way in which the brain responds to the existing serotonin in the brain.

CBD has also been shown to aid in reducing anxiety relating to panic disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, and social anxiety disorder.

The Best CBD for Anxiety and Depression

Any form of CBD work for calming anxiety and depression. However, if you will be taking it frequently throughout the day, a tasty and discrete gummy or edible might be the best option for you!


5. Increase Appetite

Marijuana use and the munchies go hand and hand. But does CBD cause the munchies? Not directly. While the use of THC for prescribed weight gain is fairly common, there may be a similar but indirect benefit of taking CBD that encourages a healthy appetite without the ‘high’. Because CBD helps to keep your body in a healthy, balanced state, it helps to regulate your entire system which can harbor healthy eating habits for those that have a lack of appetite.

Many seniors who are undergoing treatment for cancer or other serious illnesses lack a proper appetite and struggle to properly fuel their bodies making CBD a great option for them.

The Best CBD Methods for Appetite

CBD Tinctures, soft gels, or any form of ingestible CBD will work for aiding in an appetite increase.

Heart Health


6. Improve Heart Health

You’ve probably all heard the saying “Calm down or you’re going to have a great attack!”. High stress can result in high blood pressure which can result in heart issues and inflammation. Since we know that CBD calms the mind and nervous system, it seems only natural that it would have a positive effect on heart health - and it does! CBD has been shown to reduce inflammation which is attributed to heart disease. Excess inflammation can damage the arteries, causing them to harden over time.

One study measuring the effects of CBD on stress in animals showed a decrease in stress, as well as a reduction in cell death and fibrosis. While there is continuous research being done measuring the effect of CBD on heart disease, the results of current studies have been encouraging.

The Best CBD for Heart Health

Any CBD will do! Try a CBD tincture, soft gel, or even an edible!


7. Preventing Neurodegenerative Diseases

As you may be gathering, many issues that affect our population can be attributed to some form of inflammation. As we have learned, CBD can be a powerful tool in reducing inflammation anywhere in the body. This is also the case for neurodegenerative diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease. Various conducted studies have shown CBD’s positive effects on reducing neuro-inflammation as well associated with Alzheimers, Parkinson’s Disease, Huntington Disease, and even reducing pain and spasms associated with Multiple Sclerosis. While CBD cannot cure these ailments, it has been shown to be helpful in protecting neuropathways to prevent further damage.

The Best CBD For Neurodegenerative Diseases

To help cope with Neurodegenerative Diseases, we recommend opting for a CBD soft gel or gummy as they are simple to take and do not require any guesswork when dosing.


The Bottom Line

The bottom line when it comes to CBD is that it seems to be an excellent tool in both reducing stress mentally and within the body, along with reducing inflammation and the pain that comes with it. We believe that CBD is a great addition to anyone’s daily regime, but especially for aging seniors who can experience a myriad of health issues directly related to stress and inflammation.

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