Let’s Talk CBD Extraction Methods: Which is Right For You?

Let’s Talk Extraction

One of the most important consumer questions concerning CBD is What method is used to extract the oil from the hemp? If you care about what you put in your body then this may be the biggest question of all. With so many CBD products popping up across the country it’s critical to know a manufacturer extraction method. There are many methods out there. Some are safe, some not so much. Whether purchasing CBD for personal use or for a pet, it is crucial to understand how the product has been sourced and extracted. We’ll discuss 3 extraction methods and save the best for last.

Toxic Solvent Extraction

Whether purchasing CBD for personal use or for a pet, it is crucial to understand how the product has been sourced and extracted. One particular method that is used is Toxic Solvent Extraction. In this process, Butane, Ethanol, and Acetone (nail polish remover) are used to pull CBD out of the hemp. Despite being mixed with such harmful chemicals, resulting oils may still be labeled as full-spectrum. The upside? Lower cost and perhaps, a simplified process.

Oil Extraction

Olive oil may also be used to extract CBD. To do so, the hemp plant has to be heated to reach a very high temperature for its chemicals to activate. The hemp is then added to the olive oil, that then separates all of the cannabinoids over the next few hours. Despite being safe, inexpensive, and simple, it is perishable and lacks the desired quality of the content.

Supercritical CO2 Extraction

Investing more in equipment, knowledge base, and time is what it takes to successfully concoct an oil that maintains a full-plant profile with all of the desired cannabinoids, terpenes, and fatty acids. For this reason, CO2 is the most sought after form of extraction, as it is non-toxic, non-combustible, environmentally-friendly, and alleviates the possibility of exposure to harmful chemicals. Super Critical CO2 extraction is not only limited to the most popular form of producing CBD oil, as it is widely used in both cosmetology and pharmacology.

Here’s how it works: CO2 morphs into a liquid by highly pressurized air and low temperatures that is then exposed to all parts of the hemp plant to separate the fatty acids and desired oils. Liquid CO2 and the extract are then placed in a pressure relief valve, turning the CO2 back into a gas so that it is recycled. While this may sound simple, it is timely and complex and the equipment is expensive.

Also referred to as a “‘tunable solvent,’” Super Critical CO2 enables control over the temperature and pressure during the extraction process. Such control yields transparency, purity, and safety. This is why Source CBD Oil is manufactured using this method, and why you should search for it as you educate yourself on CBD products.

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