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Cured Resin vs Live Resin

What is the Difference between Cured Resin and Live Resin

1 day ago
Cured resin is made from dried, cured whole buds. It tends to have a more subtle and complex taste which some prefer.
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Is CBD Safe for Pets? What you need to Know. - Coastal Hemp Co

Is CBD Safe for Pets? What you need to Know.

Pet owners use CBD to treat pets for many reasons including anxiety, arthritis, nausea, stress, seizures and pain relief from cancer and other diseases. There are various ways to treat pets including cannabis oil, capsules or edible treats. While CBD oil can be administered topically, it is more commonly administered orally and is often infused with coconut oil. CBD oil can also be mixed with your pet’s food.


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How Hemp Can Heal Our Planet. Can Hemp Improve the World? - Coastal Hemp Co

How Hemp Can Heal Our Planet. Is Hemp Environmentally Friendly?

With the effects of global warming becoming more apparent, the time is nigh to reduce our carbon footprint and opt for more sustainable and eco-friendly farming practices. Thus, our level of environmental consciousness shifts to the clothes we wear, the fuel in our cars, and the buildings we construct. Human reliance on fossil fuels and synthetic [...]
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