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Why is CBD So Expensive And Is It Worth It?

Why is CBD so Expensive And Is It Worth It? - Coastal Hemp Co

Why Is CBD So Pricey?

You want to try CBD, but feel like it’s an expensive investment and you’re hesitant? Think about your cost of prescription drugs, vitamins and other health boosting products. Could CBD take the place of many of those, saving you money in the long term? Keep reading to answer the question: Why is CBD so expensive? 

CBD Plant to Product

The steps from the hemp plant to the production of the end product are complicated and require time and labor. First, a substantial amount of hemp has to be grown (and grown organically!), which takes months to provide enough seeds and stalk to produce a very small amount of hemp extract. After that, the extract has to be extensively tested to ensure its compound make up and its purity. CBD is typically extracted from the cannabis plant as an oil or a powder. The oil or powder can then be mixed with a gel or cream that can be rubbed onto the skin or ingested orally. What you want is a pure, solvent-free product that has been extracted from raw hemp material with CO2 extraction. While these are more expensive than the low-grade brands, they are far superior to cheap CBD in every way imaginable, and are well worth the extra money. The extract is then formulated into various forms of products and is sold to retailers.

CBD Cost Breakdown

You can compare prices of CBD by breaking each product down to a “cost per milligram of CBD”. By doing this, you can then start to compare the varied prices of the products. In order to get the CBD oil that best suits your needs, the two most important things to consider are the strength and concentration. To calculate the strength of a product, you divide the number of mg in the bottle by the number of ml in the bottle. Other factors to consider include purity and the volume of CBD oil within the product itself. Stay away from low-grade, cheap CBD oil that has been processed with strong chemical solvents. Read the label! The label should include the following information: The amount of CBD mg in the product as well as the net wt of the product, along with the specific ingredients. The product’s company website should include information such as the source of the CBD and how the CBD is extracted.

Why Top Quality is Important

It is important to know that your CBD oil comes from organically grown hemp that can be tracked to a US-grown source. You never want your CBD oil to have accumulated toxic substances such as pesticides, herbicides, or heavy metals. There is a global push to go organic with both food crops, and even textile crops, now that science has proved cancers linked to pesticides and herbicides. This is certainly a cost worth paying for. Look for transparent sellers, who reveal their sources and give assurance of organic, non GMO, US grown hemp. Don’t let CBD oil price be your top priority. You’ll likely be missing out on the whole point of using the compound for therapeutic purposes if you purchase low quality CBD. A good CBD oil will consider purity, potency, and safety as the top priorities — not simply CBD oil cost. There is a lot of dirty CBD out there from non-reputable farms, as well as from China, and the extraction methods are toxic and harmful to the environment.

Do Your Research

Before you invest in your first bottle of CBD Oil or gel caps, read over different websites for transparency about company sources – and also read CBD reviews. Have customers had good experiences? Have they found pain relief? Have they returned to make second purchases? What kind of ailments have they found relief for? Seek out articles from non-biased sources that provide information, instead of CBD sales. This article from Medical News Today gives straight forward pros and cons of CBD use and enlightening info on the varied medical benefits:

• Everything you need to know about CBD oil

So, Why Buy It?

As the amount of prescription use continues to rise in the United States, many Americans are trying to limit the number of prescribed drugs they take – searching for all-natural solutions to the aches, pains, and discomforts they are experiencing, along with the stress brought on by their over-scheduled, busy and complicated lives. For many of them, CBD oil is the solution they’ve been looking for and can limit or rid completely the prescription medications they are currently taking. Isn’t a plant-based, more natural pain reliever always a good option? Give CBD a try and see how it works for you.


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