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Cycling Frog Iced Tea Lemonade THC (50mg)

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50mg THC, 50mg CBD, 1:1 CBD:THC, 16oz - 4pk

Experience a year-round burst of joy with Cycling Frog's iced tea lemonade. Carefully crafted with black tea, lemonade, and high levels of THC, this sparkling beverage packs a punch of flavor and caffeine with 50mg per can.

NOTICE: this is a very potent product. 1 can contains a full 50mg THC. An average serving of THC is 5-10mg, we suggest this product for experienced users only. If your THC tolerance is lower, this product can be enjoyed in smaller pours over the course of several days with the help of a can saver. Start slow and at a pace that works for you (1/8th of a can, 1/10th of a can, etc.)

Customer Reviews

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eli c.
Mind boggling

Pretty good very lemony which i like, but i didnt realise it was 50mg of delta 9 and cbd. i thought it was 50 total, not 100 so be careful

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