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Delta 9 Gummy Bites - CLUSTERF*CKS 250 mg - Coastal Hemp Co
Delta 9 Gummy Bites - CLUSTERF*CKS 250 mg - Coastal Hemp Co

HoN CLUSTERF*CKS Delta 9 Gummy Bites - 250 mg

HoN CLUSTERF*CKS - Calling all space explorers! Hi on Nature has captured all the best things in the cosmos and combined them into a single cluster that fits right in your mouth! Bite into our crunchy candy and let the fruity, gummy center transport you to a far-off planet. This poppable Delta 9 snack is the perfect fuel for your interstellar travels, delivering a tangy crunch that packs a punch. Crafted from premium Farm Bill-compliant West Coast hemp, Hi on Nature's candy is meticulously quality controlled to ensure that each piece is properly dosed for a hi-strength experience that is out of this world!
These delicious gummies contain a blend of Delta 9 THC, THC, OH-THC, and CBG to make sure that your flight is boosted.

Every bite is a rainbow mix of strawberry, grape, orange, lemon, and green apple
  • 250 mg per package
  • 10 clusters per package, 25 mg each

Warning: Before launching into the great beyond, ensure you are prepared. If you are unsure about the appropriate dose for your journey, take a test flight with one of Hi on Nature's other gummies instead.