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Ghost THCA Disposable 7G 'Slide Piece'

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NEW - Ghost THCA Disposable 7G

Ghost can't stop innovating! Watch out for their latest mind-blowing invention, the Ghost All-In-One Slide Piece 7G Disposables! These bad boys pack a powerful punch with a blend of THCa Liquid Diamonds, THCP, Delta 10 THC, and natural terpenes for an authentic flavor experience.

Ghost THC-A Disposable 7G Wholesale

The Ghost All-In-One Slide Piece 7G Disposables give strong and tasty hits with their unique dual coil design. Each use provides a memorable experience. With a sleek design and convenient size, these disposables are perfect for on-the-go use.

Ghost All-In-One Slide Piece 7G Disposables will indeed please both experienced users and newcomers. These high-quality products will satisfy your cravings. Watch for amazing inventions from Ghost as they change the industry with their innovative products.

The dual chambers in this device allow for a more efficient and flavorful vaping experience. The dual mesh coil technology ensures even heating and smooth vapor production.

The smooth sliding mouthpiece adds convenience and style to the design, giving it a futuristic feel like a high-tech gadget.

But the real highlight of this device is the five delicious strain options available. Whether you like to relax, feel uplifted, or have a mix of both, there is a Ghost strain for you.

Ghost chooses each strain for its exceptional taste and effects, providing users with a personalized vaping experience.

This device provides a modern vaping experience with advanced technology and a variety of strain choices. It truly feels like a glimpse into the future of vaping consumption.

 Strain options:

  • Tropicana Cookies (Sativa)
  • Hulk Berry (Sativa)
  • Blueberry Muffin (Hybrid)
  • Chem Dog (Hybrid)
  • Lemon Cake (Indica)

Product Features:

  • 7g Disposable Vape (7000mg Active Ingredients)
  • Blend Of THC-A, THCP, And Delta 10 THC
  • Liquid Diamond Infused
  • All-Natural Terpenes
  • Innovative Mouthpiece Slide Technology
  • Dual Chamber + Dual Mesh Coil Technology
  • USBC Rechargeable
  • Lab Tested For Quality, Potency, And Safety

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Edward A.
Ghost slide 7g

I love this peice. 1 of my favorites on the internet.

Dylan H.
Ghost 7 G blueberry muffin

Absolutely phenomenal. Hits hella hard and and tastes delicious.

Robert S.

Awsome job

Ghost THCA 7G 'Slide Piece' Disposable - Coastal Hemp Co
Ghost THCA Disposable 7G 'Slide Piece' Sale price$32.95

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