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High Rise Seltzer Delta-9 5MG

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Quench your thirst for happiness with High Rise Seltzer Delta-9 5MG. This refreshing and bubbly seltzer is the perfect sipper for any occasion.

Enjoy the juicy flavors and leave all your worries behind. It's the ultimate feel-good beverage with no regrets. (And it comes in a can!)

High Rise seltzers are natural fruit-infused seltzers made with North Carolina mountain spring water, US-grown hemp, and just a pinch of natural cane sugar. Quench your thirst with a refreshing boost of natural ingredients.

High Rise seltzers are infused with North Carolina mountain spring water and USA-grown hemp, sweetened with just a touch of natural cane sugar.

With a natural blend of fresh fruit, premium-quality hemp, and natural North Carolina spring water, High Rise Seltzers makes it easy to kick back with friends and enjoy the moment.

Honest, simple, natural ingredients allow you to enjoy every moment.

Infused with 5mg of hemp-derived Delta 9 per can.

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Pineapple: Bright and vibrant, with a distinctly tropical taste. 

You are delightfully uncomplicated. Simply being in your presence disarms people and puts them at ease. You’re like a breath of fresh air when you enter the room.

Blood Orange: Rich and complex citrus notes accent this sweet flavor profile. 

You’re a tad mysterious and intellectual. Your reserved nature can sometimes be standoffish, but you truly thrive in one-on-one relationships.

Meet Mango, the life of the party!

With a vibrant personality as bright as the summer sun, Mango is all about tropical zest and non-stop bubbling fun. This seltzer brings the good vibes that'll keep you coming back for more. Get ready to ride the wave of Mango's high-energy spirit! 

Blueberry is the ultimate happiness booster!

With a perpetual smile, it spreads good vibes and uplifts everyone's mood. This companion is always up for playful adventures and genuinely cares about your well-being, inspiring you to care for yourself while pursuing your passions.

* Due to the size and weight of beverages, they do not qualify for free shipping.


01 | North Carolina Spring Water

02 | Fresh Fruit Puree

03 | Real Sugar, just a pinch

04 | US Grown Hemp


Keep out of reach of children. Please contact your healthcare provider if you have any questions about consuming THC products. The FDA has not evaluated these statements. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

High Rise Delta-9 Seltzer 5MG - Coastal Hemp Co
High Rise Seltzer Delta-9 5MG Sale price$5.50

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