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Ooze Brink Dry Herb Vaporizer

Sale price$79.00

The Brink is a pocket-sized dry herb vaporizer built with the power of Ooze C-Core Nano-Glazed ceramic. It’s also our first sub-ohm flower vape, producing full-bodied vapor even at lower temperatures.

  • NANO-GLAZED C-CORE | The Ooze C-Core for dry herbs uses our Nano-Glazed ceramic technology. This special formula is 100% heavy metal free. It heats quickly and holds onto that heat, so the device uses less power per session.
  • 0.5G CHAMBER | The Brink has a 0.5g ceramic chamber. This is one of the biggest chambers across all dry herb vapes! Instead of having to pack it multiple times to get your fix, pack it just once and save more of your bud for later.
  • SUB-OHM DRY HERB VAPORIZER | The Brink is our very first sub-ohm vape for flower! The airflow has a very low resistance, which produces more vapor than the average dry herb vape. You’ll notice stronger terpene flavors and subtle vapor production at lower temps.
  • 1800 MAH | The Brink’s 1800 mAh battery may not be our largest capacity, but it is one of our most efficient! The Nano-Glazed C-Core helps make the battery life great, too. The Brink will last for 10-12 sessions before needing a charge, depending on what temperature you use.
  • 3 HEAT METHODS | The Nano-Glazed C-Core uses 3 types of heat (conduction, convection, and far infrared energy) to break down the water content in your weed to vaporize all the terpenes and cannabinoids.
  • 3 TEMPERATURE LEVELS | Play around with the 3 heat levels to find your sesh sweet spot! The beginning of your 4:20 session will be at the low end of your chosen temperature range, and will end at the higher temperature in that range. Low = 320°F-340°F, Medium = 350°F-370°F, and High = 372°F-400°F.
  • VAPOR PRODUCTION | While the sub-ohm airway gives vapor production a boost in the Brink, this is still a dry herb vaporizer. That means the vapor produced is not the thick smoke you’re used to exhaling after hitting your Ooze pen. The lowest temp setting produces little vapor but is packed with terpene flavor. The higher settings will produce more vapor that has a unique taste specific to dry herb vaping.
  • BATTERY INDICATOR | Check how much battery you’ve got left by clicking the power button 4x. The full light means you’ve got a lot of charge left, 2 bars mean you’re around the 60-30% range, and just 1 bar means you have 30% or less, AKA, charge it before you leave the house!
  • TYPE-C CHARGING | Included with every Brink is a type-c charging cable. This charges the device quickly and keeps the device covered under the Ooze Warranty Program. Only charge using a wall outlet, and always make sure to use your Ooze charger.

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Ooze Brink Dry Herb Vaporizer Sale price$79.00

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