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Ooze Smart Battery Vape Pen - 650 mAh

Sale price$16.00

Color:Panther Black

The original Ooze pen just got SMART! The Smart Battery is a new and improved version of the Ooze 650 Standard. It now features an LED screen, five voltage levels, a battery indicator, & a type-C charging port.

The 650 Standard battery was one of the very first batteries Ooze ever made! You most likely have seen these big stick batteries in the orange acrylic display in a gas station, your favorite liquor store, or that convenience store you hit before every road trip. It was time we made some improvements to this OG Ooze pen, and the Smart Battery is the revamped version.

The two biggest upgrades the Smart Battery is equipped with are the digital screen at the bottom of the device, which now includes a USB charger. The small LED screen gives you a lot of information; when you turn the device on, it’ll show you your battery % so you’ll know if it needs a charge before you head out for the day. You can also check this by clicking the button 4x. The screen also tells you your voltage level from L1 to L5 (2.0V to 4.0V).

The 650 Standard didn’t include any charger or even a box! The Smart Battery is packaged with the Ooze Smart USB Charger screwed right on top. This charger has overcharge protection and will stop the flow of power into the battery once it reaches 100%. You can also use a type-c charging cable to charge it through the port on the very bottom. These cables are sold separately.


  • New & Improved version of the Ooze 650 Standard Batteries 
  • New Digital Screen 
  • 650 mAh 
  • Flex Temp – 5 Levels (click 3x)
    • L1 = 2.0V 
    • L2 = 2.5V 
    • L3 = 3.0V 
    • L4 = 3.5V 
    • L5 = 4.0V 
  • Battery Life Indicator (click 4x) 
  • Prep Mode (click 2x)
  • Auto Shut-Off 
  • Ooze Smart USB Charger Included 
  • Type-C Port (Cable Sold Separately) 
  • Packaged in a Clear Front Box 
  • 8 Color Options 
    • Panther Black 
    • Cosmic Chrome 
    • Lucky Gold 
    • Rainbow 
    • Sapphire Blue 
    • Ruby Red 
    • Midnight Sun 
    • Rasta 

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Ooze Smart Battery Vape Pen - 650 mAh Sale price$16.00