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PUFFY Astro Blends Disposable 2g

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Astro Blends were carefully crafted to be a sophisticated and potent live resin experience. By blending unique cannabinoid formulas of Delta-9-O, HHC-O, and THC-B with cannabis-derived terpenes, Puffy is able to curate an experience as complex as your traditional cannabis strains. These super potent cannabinoids have quick onset for the high that will have you blasting off in no time.

1-999-POWERUP: (Sativa) This flavor quickly ramps up to give creativity a jolt of energy. The yummy blend of sweet strawberry and tart lemonade is sure to be a fan favorite.

Milky Way: (Sativa) Get ready to drift into outer space with this heady flavor. Milky Way features a creamy taste with notes of caramel to send you into a sweet dream.

God Mode: (Hybrid) This reality-expanding hybrid is one you can't stop reaching for. The pineapple, orange, and guava flavors offer a fruity escape anytime.

Pandora: (Hybrid) Get ready to unlock another level of calm. The Pandora strain features a sugary, sweet blend of papaya and peach flavors.

Motherlode Slowmo: (Indica) It's so good it slows time. Its unique flavor blends watermelon with Asian pear and whipped cream for one sweet puff after another.

Stardust: (Indica) It tastes like floating in zero gravity, and the flavor is like diving into a fresh strawberry shortcake. You're going to love this one!

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Sarah P.

PUFFY 2G - Astro Blends Disposable

Vicki B.


Co Y.
Love these puffy pens!

This is my fourth puffy pen and I love it. I’m running through and trying to try them all because so far all of these puffy pens have been amazing. The Astro blends have provided really clear minded high for me and it hasn’t clogged once! I highly recommend them!

Very Mild's ok.

It's a very mellow elevation, nothing drastic. This flavor was a bit too fruity, and tangy, so it caused a bit of a headache for me.Overall, it's a mellow experience, and it definitely enhances relaxation, better than Motherlode Slomo. So far MilkyWay & Girl Scout Cookie are my favorite by Puffy. I do believe they discontinued Girl Scout Cookie though.

PUFFY 2G - Astro Blends - Coastal Hemp Co - Coastal Hemp Co
PUFFY Astro Blends Disposable 2g Sale price$30.00 Regular price$40.00
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