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THCA Diamond Wax Dabs 2500 mg - Live Rosin

Sale price$42.00


Binoid's THCA Live Rosin Diamond wax dabs are the largest THCA dabs on the market. This innovative live rosin dab uses premium 99% THCA distillate, paired with live rosin cannabis terpene strains to give a superior experience to regular wax dabs.

THCA is extremely potent, compared equally to Delta 9. Live Rosin wax is brand new and has an amazing terpene flavor. If you like the highest quality dabs you can find, these are for you.

With 2.5 grams of pure crystal diamonds, these THCA wax dabs are taking the world by storm, and are getting extremely popular with these awesome live terpene flavors. Users may feel an extraordinary buzz and experience.

  • Premium Live Rosin Distillate
  • Live Terpenes
  • 2500 mg THCA
  • Hemp-derived
  • Use On Low Temp for best results

Magic Purp - Indica | Sundae Driver - Hybrid | Nitro Express - Sativa



THCA is the precursor to Delta 9 THC. Signified by the "A" in THCA. THCA becomes Delta 9 THC through heating, which also gives it a psychoactive effect. Without heating, THCA does not have any effects. Therefore, when heated THCA becomes regular Delta 9 THC and has the strength and effects of the THC we all know and love. THCA is very strong, and this product is the first THCA vape cartridge on the market. 


Live Rosin in a disposable is the highest quality terpene experience possible. It is amber-colored, very potent, and made free of solvents. Live Rosin is amazing as it has a higher terpene count, making the product more potent, and flavorful, as well as the richest vaping experience possible.

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THCA Diamonds 2500 mg - Live Rosin - Coastal Hemp Co
THCA Diamond Wax Dabs 2500 mg - Live Rosin Sale price$42.00