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Announcing New Puffy Superblend Disposables w/ THCA

Announcing New Puffy Superblend Disposables w/ THCA - Coastal Hemp Co

At Coastal Hemp, we totally dig the Puffy Super Blend line of disposables from Sweet Life.

We got lucky and stumbled upon Sweet Life and Puffy Super Blend disposables in the summer of 22. Ever since we added Puffy to our collection, the Super Blend 2G pens have been flying off the shelves.

Sweet Life has boldly crafted these Super Blends, now enhanced with THCA in the Fall of 23.

PUFFY cooked up Super Blends 2.0 with precise blends of cannabinoids, including THCA, D9, D10, and THCP, and cannabis-derived terpenes to bring the live resin experience to life. Taking their cue from cannabis, their recipes exude aromas resembling some of the most beloved and sought-after strains.

"Each hit of a Puffy disposable will leave you with a smile just like the one on the box. The flavor profile is unlike any other brand and never makes you cough."- Satisfied Customer. 

Indulge in the exquisite PUFFY Super Blends 2.0, providing an abundant infusion of cannabinoids through these 2-gram disposable pens. Choose from our selection of eight meticulously crafted blends, all created with utmost care to enhance your vaping pleasure.

Space Cadet: (Sativa) A yummy blend of berries and melon. Get ready to blast off into space with this iconic strain. Its bubbly, euphoric effects make it the perfect strain for your next happy hour. 

Sunset Dream: (Sativa) It tastes like an orange mandarin cream popsicle. 

POG Pie: (Sativa) A fruity escape with a blend of pineapple, orange, and guava flavors. 

Strawberry Lemonade: (Sativa) A yummy blend of sweet and tart, our Strawberry Lemonade strain is sure to be a classic in your collection.

Dewy RNTZ: (Hybrid) A burst of berry and watermelon flavor. Dewy RNTZ is a buzzy, euphoric experience. 

Peach Rosin: (Hybrid) Tasting of sugary and sweet papaya and peach

Strawberry Glaze: (Hybrid) Like taking a trip to your favorite bakery, our Strawberry Glaze strain has the distinct flavor of a strawberry glazed doughnut to curb your cravings.

Girls: (Indica) Enjoy the sugary sweet cookie flavor and stay for the euphoric body-melting experience. The Girls' strain is perfect when you need help relaxing. Try this strain before your next movie night.

Heaven's King: (Indica) Like diving into a fresh strawberry shortcake. Heaven’s King is both sweet and soothing. Try this strain when you are feeling anxious and need some pain relief.

*For Puffy wholesale pricing, fill out the Puffy wholesale application 

New Puffy Super Blends



What happened to the Puffy Girl Scout Cookie blend? Did it get discontinued?

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