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Announcing New Puffy Superblend Disposables w/ THCA - Coastal Hemp Co

Announcing New Puffy Superblend Disposables w/ THCA

We got lucky and stumbled upon Sweet Life and Puffy Super Blend disposables in the summer of 22. Ever since we added Puffy to our collection, the Super Blend 2G pens have been flying off the shelves.
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What is THCA - How is THCA different from THC - Coastal Hemp Co

Unveiling the Power of THCA: A Closer Look

In the realm of cannabis, acronyms like THC and CBD often dominate the conversation. However, nestled within the intricate chemistry of the cannabis plant lies a lesser-known yet equally significant compound: THCA. While THCA shares similarities with its more famous cousin THC, its distinct properties and potential health benefits make it a fascinating subject of study for researchers and enthusiasts alike.
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